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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earn Money by Referring People to Amazon MP3s

Amazon recently launched their copyright-restriction-free MP3 download service (with around 2 million songs, but available to US customers only). Now Amazon expanded their affiliate program to include these MP3s as well, so that you as linking webmaster get a 20% commission of songs bought. Each song costs 89 to 99 cents, meaning you’ll get around 19 bucks for 100 songs sold. According to Amazon, the commission will drop to 10% at the beginning of next year, so this is only an early bird’s affiliate special.

To create a link to a single song or whole album that pays you need to become an Amazon associate. (By the way, I don’t have extensive comparison data, but always found that Amazon pays lousy... for books, something like becoming an eBay affiliate via e.g. AuctionAds may be the better choice. Disclosure: I previously consulted AuctionAd’s Patrick Gavin on other projects.) Then you can visit the Product Links section of the Amazon Associates homepage and pick “MP3 Downloads” from the dropdown menu, and optionally enter some search keywords.

When you found an MP3 you like to refer people to you can customize the display options and then include an HTML snippet in your blog or other website. The simplest variant is grabbing a plain affiliate link like this one or this affiliate link. Visitors interested in the MP3 can then playback a preview on the Amazon page. Overall, this works very nice – again, for US customers only... even when you are registered at, through IP geolocation or something of the sort you are prevented to get the MP3 – though when downloading Amazon recommends installing a weird “AmazonMP3Installer.exe”.


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