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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Health Announced for 2008

Google’s Marissa Mayer, who replaced now ex-Google employee Adam Bosworth as manager of the Google Health product team, said Google Health will officially appear in early 2008. (Screenshots of the product already circulated.) It’s still unusual for Google to announce products instead of just going live in test mode, though it happened before with Google Presentations. According to the Information Week article, Marissa, speaking at a San Francisco get-together, explained:

If you look at health care, there’s already a huge user need, people are already using Google more than any other tool on the Web to find health information ... And the health care industry generates a huge amount of information every year. It’s a natural core competency fo us, to understand how to organize all that data. ...

The goal for a lot of doctors is how many patients can they see in a day ... That means their minutes per patient has got to go down, and the less time they have to spend finding and going over patient records the better. Ultimately we will design a product that’s useful for users, and also helps doctors do their job more quickly and more efficiently.

Ah, “minutes per patient”... doesn’t that just scream personal, caring service, and, for a change, some true human attention in this busy world!

[Thanks Toml!]


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