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Monday, October 29, 2007

You Know You’re In Touch With Your Inner Nerd When...

1. You find yourself giggling at coincidental words appearing in captchas

2. When someone asks “how are you” you contemplate a precise answer

3. You touch random objects (fences, walls) while walking outside to compensate for lack of input

4. When you see chopsticks you think “reuse” (and when you see Sushi you think “modularization”)

4. You strongly believe allowing someone to take a second guess in Trivial Pursuit spoils the game

5. You own the collector’s edition of How to Draw Hentai

6. You noticed there are two #4 items in this list and this made you feel really, really uncomfortable

7. You learned to cope with the fact top 10 lists start at 1, not 0 (but secretly still think it’s wrong)

8. You write jokes in base 13

9. When someone starts asking you a long-winded technical question you’re already optimizing the solution for speed before they finished

10. You spend Friday nights correcting Wikipedia entries which mislabel Spock as a “Vulcan”

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