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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Feed Reader Alertle

Alertle is a new feed reader (with no Internet Explorer support right now). It’s all on one page, Ajax-based, one of the creators says in his blog... though he admits, “I will not advice that you make something like this” as it’s “a maintenance nightmare.”
Alertle may be more suited for exploring new posts, than keeping up on specific subscriptions. For one thing, there’s a lot of pre-selections made for you, and posts are also never marked as read or unread, in order to not make you lose “sanity” by keeping up with new posts.

Alertle’s non-IE support is a bit of an extreme decision, even for an early launch. The site also has some usability issues – for instance, the interface and interaction during the sign-up process is oddly subtle, thanks to Ajax and choice of form formatting. Many blog titles were also abbreviated a bit too much in the top navigation pane, becoming unreadable. Overall though I think Alertle is off to an interesting start.

[Via Chris Wetherell.]


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