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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Google China Adds Image Search Categories has a new feature for image searching: categories. The categories listed on the homepage roughly translate to life style, female celebrities, male celebrities, film & TV series, and games & manga. Click on any of them, and you’ll be presented with a tabbed result view showing image thumbnails as well as further search queries. For instance, the sub-categories for life style are cars, fashion, gadgets, home & living, food, and collectibles.

In a market where you aren’t already leading, changes may be much easier to get through in a company, so we can see Google experimenting more with layout and functionality in China, Japan and other places than in the US homeland (which in turn pushes e.g. Google China to look more like traditional, Yahoo-style directories). Also, perhaps Google figures other markets may need a more explorative approach right now, added to the “pull-only” search box. Already, the Google China homepage – when visited from China – offers colorful icons leading to their various services, one of them being a web navigation guide (Dao Hang)

[Thanks Xujie and Bee Jiejie!]


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