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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google Hands Over Profiles of Suspected Pedophiles

On April 9th this year, AFP wrote that Brazilian authorities ordered Google to hand over 3000+ profiles “containing suspected pedophile material” on Google’s social network Orkut. However, the authorities then complained that Google “refuses to identify users,” AFP wrote. Now, that has changed, as a new AFP article indicates:

Google on Wednesday handed over data stored by suspected pedophiles on its Orkut social networking site to Brazilian authorities, ceding to pressure to lift its confidentiality duty to its users, officials said.

According to AFP, the Brazilian senate commission was “looking into allegations that illegal images of minors were posted in restricted-access photo albums on the site.” The article goes on to mention that Orkut in Brazil is more popular than Facebook or MySpace. It also says that a member of the senate commission that ordered the profiles hand-over said this was the first time Google had accepted to disclose data. Also, AFP writes that a Brazil state prosecutor said that “90 percent of the 56,000 pedophilia allegations received in the past few years related to Orkut.”

[Thanks Pd and Juha-Matti Laurio!]


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