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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Google Result Offers You to "Skip Intro"

Oh, sweet. You know when you look for some company homepage to get their support email address or something, and then the page will start with a super great 3D animation that will take a minute to load... before you can actually find the info you wanted? Well, that’s why many Flash apps have the infamous “Skip Intro” button included, and now*, Google does too. In a search for e.g. yuasa france, the top result – – is listed as normal. But to the right side of the title, there’s a link reading “Skip Intro”, which will take you straight to (On the other hand, perhaps for some sites it would also make sense to directly link to the skipped page... and show a link to “See Intro” to the right.) [Thanks TomHTML!]

*I don’t know since when this is live and if it’s very new...


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