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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Google Site Traffic Trends

You can now enter a domain into Google Trends and switch to the Websites tab to get traffic information. Use a comma between domains to see comparative stats, as in, Note Google’s guess of the daily unique visitors only works for some websites, and you also won’t get absolute numbers. Google on their help page explains:

Trends for Websites combines information from a variety of sources, such as aggregated Google search data, aggregated opt-in anonymous Google Analytics data, opt-in consumer panel data, and other third-party market research. The data is aggregated over millions of users, powered by computer algorithms, and doesn’t contain personally identifiable information. Additionally, Google Trends for Websites only shows results for sites that receive a significant amount of traffic, and enforces minimum thresholds for inclusion in the tool.

As usual with such stats, best take them with a grain of salt – because while Google may be able to get rather accurate data on any site using their Google Analytics or AdSense programs (at least theoretically, and partly you need to opt-in to some of the aggregated sharing options, too), they have less accurate data on websites which don’t use such Google tools.

[Thanks Kirby Witmer!]


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