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Monday, August 11, 2008

Utilize Table of Contents, Thesaurus in Google Docs

Ionut Alex. Chitu found out how to insert a table of contents into a Google document by kidnapping some existing, but non-officially released code: just paste ...


... into the browser address bar when in your Google Docs document and hit return. If you used headlines in the document, they will now be linked to.

Another useful feature not in the Google document editor menu for now, apparently, is a Thesaurus*. To see synonyms for a given word, select the word and paste ...


... into the address bar, and hit return again (you may also want to add bookmarklets for these commands; also, try entering "encyclopedia" or "dictionary" instead of "thesaurus").

*Tony showed you how to enable this one before but that hack ceased to work after a while.

Update: As Ionut disclaims, if you want to get this to work with the Google Gears offline mode plug-in, "temporarily disable it for Google Docs by removing from the list of allowed sites in Google Gears Settings." [Thanks Ylde!]


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