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Monday, September 8, 2008

Google Patent for Water-Based Data Center
By Brian Ussery

Google’s latest patent titled “Water-Based Data Center” describes various implementations for deriving power from water while at the same time using water as a method for cooling. One method proposed is a ship-based data center platform capable of being deployed quickly to offer greater flexibility than traditional land based data centers. These Water-Based Data Centers would be powered by natural energy derived from wave motion via tide-powered generators and cooled by “sea-water” cooling units. In addition to being powered by the sea these floating data centers would rely on sea-powered pumps and “seawater-to-freshwater heat exchangers" for cooling.

The patent goes on to describe several “implementations” each with its own unique source of water power and method of water based cooling. Another implementation is land-based, powered by wave, tidal and/or current motion from adjacent to bodies of water. According to the patent, the “wave-powered electrical generator system may likewise comprise” one or more so-called “Pelamis machines.” In addition to the Pelamis machines, the patent also mentions wind machines “mounted or tethered to an ocean floor”.


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