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Friday, September 19, 2008

Google Stopped Censoring Human Rights Watch in China

Entering into Google China for a long time resulted in a censorship notice instead of a link to the Human Rights Watch organization (Google went live with a self-censored in January 2006). Now when I enter that query into, at least here from Germany, I get the real site and no censorship notice anymore. I don’t know when this happened, and why; perhaps Google received an updated blacklist from the Chinese government, perhaps something changed with Google’s censorship algorithm, perhaps Google lobbied for this site to be taken from the list, or something else happened.

Does this mean Google stopped agreeing to censor human rights organizations in China? No. For instance, a search for still results in zero pages, along with Google’s Chinese message which auto-translates to “According to local laws and regulations and policies, some search results were not revealed.” The top headlines at that site, Human Rights in China, currently are:

Also see the Google censorship FAQ.


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