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Friday, September 26, 2008

Google Toolbar 5 for Firefox

Back in December last year, Google released the Google Toolbar version 5 for Internet Explorer. Now, version 5 is also available for Firefox, with a bunch of changes.

Unfortunately, this release breaks some of the functionality that used to work with the older toolbar; in my case, as shown in the screenshot above I’m moving the PageRank bar to the top bar and hide the toolbar itself, but now the PageRank icon won’t update anymore as it did before, even though I have the PR feature enabled in the options. Also, it seems the PageRank indicator (even when it works, i.e. when the toolbar is showing below) has been shrunk, so it’s a bit harder to make out the PageRank value. (On the other hand, the older versions of the toolbar were likely the reason Firefox crashed on me since FF version 3, so I guess I’ll go toolbar-less for now...)

[Thanks Jérôme Flipo!]


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