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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google-powered Laiba’s Comments Warning

“Lái ba” (来吧) means “come here” in Chinese and is the name of the Google-powered social site by Tianya. (The site is moderated and disallows certain political postings, according to reports from a forum member here previously.) When you want to add a comment at a Laiba page (without being logged in), you will see a warning emphasized with yellow marker and a warning sign. The translation information for this warning was provided to me by a native speaker:

You can post your entries anonymously here.

After posting, your IP address will be published by Tianya Laiba. Please note that, following Chinese law, Tianya Laiba is required to store the data of time and IP address of your entry for at least 60 days, and that on legal requests we offer this data to the government organization. Here you will find further guidelines for using Laiba»

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[Thanks to the translator!]


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