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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And the Winner of the Google Docs Easter Egg Hunt Is ...

This had me laughing. Google had a Spreadsheets Easter Egg hunt contest going on, offering prizes to the first 15 people who figure out what function Google hid in the program. Now look what Google wrote about the contest results:

Holidays are over and we are wrapping up our holiday Easter Egg contest.

We might have been overly optimistic hoping for no less than 15 winners – after all, holidays are traditionally spent with family and friends, not searching Google Spreadsheets for mysterious Easter Egg function. We did get 1 winner though. Tony Ruscoe correctly identified expertly hidden function as GoogleHoliday().

If you don’t know why it made me laugh, Tony is this blog’s co-editor!

To try the function for yourself, open a Google Docs spreadsheet, enter =GoogleHoliday() into a cell, and hit return. A little surprise text will display.

PS: As soon as Tony is contacted so he knows what Google wants to send out, we’ll look how we may pass on the prizes to one or some of you!

[Thanks Jérôme Flipo and Achille!]


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