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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Parkde Domans Financed With Gogle Ads

Ah, those wonderful domain names financed with Google’s (recently expanded) AdSense for [parked] Domains program!*

*At least they’re (at this time) all using ads which at some point show the infamous “” in the URL when you hover over or click on them. Note these ads may be removed in the future as Google officially says that typos are against the Google AdSense for Domains program policies.

Yv. comments:

I think the examples you provide are not all very convincing:

reddit; registrated on 2002-11-22 registrated on 2005-04-29

Seems to me was first!;
guardia is actually a common word, all ads on this site are unrelated to the newspaper (named after a common word also), but related to security.; registrated in 1998. With the dash in 2005. Yes is a typo domain, but isn’t not also infringing on the (older) name “"?;
yes seems like a brand infringement, but techcrunch could start a dispute procedure at the ICANN to get this domainname in their hands within months.

I’ve added my reply in the comments.

[Thanks Yv.!]


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