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Friday, April 17, 2009

Get "To" Suggestions in Gmail

There’s a new Labs feature in Gmail called “Suggest more recipients”. Once you enable it, and you enter at least two recipients in the To field when composing a mail, Gmail will suggest more recipients (according to the Gmail blog, “based on the groups of people you email most often"*). Over at Friendfeed, the Google ex-employees who were also involved in Gmail as creators or designers, say “Wow, that was one of the more ’out there’ ideas I never thought would actually make it to the head of the feature queue” (Kevin Fox) and “This was one of the very earliest Gmail brainstorming ideas (from before there was any Gmail)” (Paul Buchheit). Kevin Fox in an earlier message also said he was “wondering when some Gmail labs features will graduate”.

[Thanks Mbegin!]

*When I tried this feature, Gmail acted kind of silly and usually tried to suggest to me to include “” as a recipient – but that’s my reply-to address, as defined in the Gmail settings.


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