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Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Restrict Google Results to the Past Minutes or Seconds

When you expand the options on a Google search result page, you can restrict the results to things like the past week, the past 24 hours, or “Recent results”. Additionally, by tweaking the URL parameter on the result page, you can restrict to the past minutes... or the past seconds (at least of when Google added it, I suppose, not necessarily when e.g. an article was published).

The parameter value to toggle starts with qdr, which might stand for query date range, as Ran at the Omigli blog writes. Here’s a search for politics with results from the past 45 seconds:

And here’s a search for usa restricted to the past 2 minutes:

(Note that next to “s" for seconds and “n" for minutes as above, you can also use “h" for hour, “y" for year and more.)

[Thanks Luka!]


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