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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bing Visual Search Feature

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has a new visual search feature. It presents you with categories like US politicians, popular celebrities, cell phones, yoga poses, film legends, new cars, dog breeds and more. Drilling in to a category will show a dynamically presented list of thumbnails, which when clicked on will return more text results.

If a particular featured category is exactly what you were looking for – UFC Fighters? – this may be a nice place to bookmark. More generally speaking however I found the whole thing doing rather poorly so far, for a couple of reasons:

Perhaps next to Microsoft pushing its plugin on me, it’s the context of this being part of a supposedly more generalized search engine that I find disappointing. As a sort of standalone microsite it’s really fun, but when it comes to the major search engines I find scalable approaches more interesting.

[Thanks WebSonic and Juha-Matti! Also see Microsoft’s announcement post.]


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