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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quotes About Google From 2002 and 2003

Aaron Swartz’s Google Weblog, started in 2002, was one of or the earliest blog covering Google. Here are some semi-random snippets from the past of the Google Weblog archive to give you an impression of the news back then.

«Now in beta is Google News, a special search for the latest headlines. It moves Google’s old “Headline News” page onto its front page, and uses the same story-matching technology to merge relates stories in your search results. Google’s play catch-up to Daypop in this field – it’ll be interesting to see if they let you search weblogs soon.» (2002-03-17)

«Andreas Heldal-Lund has received a notice from Google stating that they have removed the popular Scientology debunking from their index.» (2002-03-21)

«Ian Macdonald speaks about a new SOAP API for Google. (SOAP is an XML protocol that allows programmers to automatically query systems thru a friendly interface.) This is surprising, considering that Google has shut down their XML interface. [e.g., apparently]» (2002-04-07)

«With little fanfare, Google has launched Google Answers (BETA) where you can ask and answer questions. They’re looking for paid researchers to help answer the questions. “As a Researcher, you work from your own home and computer to answer questions for Google Answers. You earn 75% of the price set for a question that you answer.” To become a researcher you must write a short essay on your qualifications and answer some sample questions.» (2002-04-18)

«I’m receiving lots of reports that the Google Compute feature has been enabled on all Google Toolbars. Google Compute uses your computer’s spare processing time to solve problems if global significance. The current project, Folding@home, has your computer simulate protein folding» (2002-10-23)

«Google Labs has two new projects: Google Viewer lets you view the web pages of your search results, in a slideshow fashion. Google Webquotes annotates results with quotes from other sites.» (2002-12-10)

«New, from Google: Froogle!» (2002-12-11)

«For those of you who don’t remember the SearchKing flap, here’s a quick summary: SearchKing sold links on high-PageRank sites, Google lowered their PageRank, SearchKing sued.» (2003-01-10)

«Google Buys Blogger ... Google is apparently going to be hosting Blogger’s free (ad-supported) BlogSpot blogs. So you can get ultra-reliable hosting (when was the last time you remember Google going down?) for free!» (2003-02-15)

«Google’s Content-Targeted text ads (the text ads that appear when you search) are now available on other sites, including blogspot (now that they host it) ... If your site receives more than 20 million page views a month, you could run Google text ads on it too.» (2003-03-05)

«From Google Spokesperson, Nate Tyler: “Today, Google introduced a new advanced search feature that enables users to search not only for a particular keyword, but also for its synonyms. This is accomplished by placing a ~ character directly in front of the keyword in the search box."» (2003-08-04)

«Google is beta testing a search counter for frequent searchers. It tracks how many times you visit» (2003-09-30)

[The photo from 2006 is CC licensed by Jacob Appelbaum.]


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