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Monday, September 21, 2009

Google Books Integrated Into Options Bar

Google has added a Books category into their expandable left hand options pane in the US. I think this is still being rolled out, even using a US proxy and the parameter gl=us I only see this some of the time. Clicking that category shows results from Google Books right in web search (or call it “main search” if you will, though Google presents the nesting as Web » Books). You can then further restrict to show only books or only magazines.

There’s currently some overlap between Google’s top bar, the left hand options bar, and their advanced search page. Note combining this options bar selection with the advanced search does not really work, e.g. you can’t select “Search only pages that are free to use or share” and expect it to trigger something like a Creative Commons book search or the “Public domain option"; the latter is still only available if you go straight to the Google Books main site.

[Via Google.]


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