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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Find All Public Google Wave Documents

Google Wave is starting to open up (it still needs an invitation at this moment – please join our Wave invites thread in the forum [update: currently paused.] if you’re looking for one, though actually invites will only be nominations and don’t necessarily mean you’ll be let in immediately).

To find all public waves to test joining the discussions, you can search for with:public.

To make a Wave doc public yourself, first add the user (by clicking the plus icon in the contacts bar, pasting in that email address, ignoring the message about this user not being found, and hitting return instead). Then, on your document, invite that user.

Quite a bit has happened with Google Wave since we last tested it on the sandbox, but it still has its fair share of usability quirks (as well as bugs causing crashes, but it’s still labeled Preview). So far it just doesn’t feel as easy to use as some of the tools it tries to incorporate, like chat apps, email apps and so on. The issues are not just caused within the context of this integration, but also appear in plain old stuff like profile dialog editing, which is sometimes non-intuitive (e.g. sometimes clicking your avatar won’t bring up the Edit Profile button, and when it does show you will have to click it twice – one time each in two different dialogs – before it lets you edit the profile... an unlabeled status message input box adds confusion along the way).

[Thanks Jérôme!]


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