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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Upload Any File to Google Docs: A Kind of Google Drive?

Google announced that they plan to add the capability of uploading any file to Google Docs storage. This is supposed to be rolled out over the next week, and you get 1 GB for free (more if you pay), with a single file being limited to 250 MB. Google says “This makes it easy to backup more of your key files online, from large graphics and raw photos to unedited home videos taken on your smartphone.” Searching across upload documents should be possible as well, according to the post.

If you do have an Upload button in your Docs start page, that still doesn’t mean you can upload any files, like ZIPs – Google says you should look out for a “bubble notification” when signing in to know whether or not you got the feature.

Signing in to Google Docs just now I see I don’t have the feature yet, though I do see I’m already in need of a “Report Spam” button for Docs, too – I’m seeing documents in languages I don’t read which have been shared with thousands of people, and through that sharing made it to my Docs “inbox” as noise.

Also see my (completely fictional) Google Drive mockup from 2007.

[Thanks Hebbet and Mbegin!]


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