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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ads Can Provide The "Best Answer" For a Search Query, according to Google
By Roger Browne

SiteLinks are now appearing in Google’s Sponsored Links. An AdWords SiteLinks unit consists of a regular text ad with four additional links. These ad units were sighted in August 2009, and trialled in November 2009 in conjunction with some of Google’s Agency Partners, including Gillissa in the UK.

Each link can be up to 35 characters. Up to 10 links can be entered by the advertiser, although only 4 will show at a time. The links are not always displayed, and none will appear unless the ad is the only ad being shown for the search term. The advertiser pays the same for each click, whether it is on the main part of the ad or on one of the SiteLinks. If a viewer clicks more than one of the links, the advertiser is not charged for the subsequent clicks.

Ads Can Provide The “Best Answer” For a Search Query

Here’s what Google AdWords Help has to say about the display of AdWords SiteLinks:

Ad Sitelinks are designed to trigger in situations where an ad provides the “best answer" for a search query, and Ad Sitelinks are most likely to trigger on unique brand terms.

The screenshot above was the result of a search for [bing]. However, I got the same ad when I searched for the placename ["Bing, Montana"] and the ad is certainly not the “best answer" for that search query.


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