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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Music of Percent Backed Loans: A YouTube Auto-Transcription Poem

According to Google's auto-transcription service, these two Google engineers (there's some noise in the audio and foreign accents) aren't talking about Google's 20% time... but reciting a Dada poem (click CC -> Transcribe Audio):

My legs
listening to this and a little of that
his book that
still Paulson junior below

So the following question
tell us more about the music of percent backed loans
really exist
most of the engineer qualify for that

Whole point of this project just ross perot
that's a twenty eight percent but it's its' it's a it's a new game
people don't
thanks to all three of those things it's the left and right

I'm a few posted a remark that in the search for a sense that if anybody should be a it's
still chance they faces was
between fifty this morning was this
the one thing that I wanted to mention is that twenty percent objects that lot

Don't necessarily have to be changed
I know of
I'm a group of people that would set up a little bit right things and this is the so-called
you have a date and that's I think

It's a dilemma as the shuttle bus service by francis
and I mean it's he believes it is
those close to the three percent voted for both six months ago and I'm working to more
people from the front office

The project that Senator Clinton's supporters are working on his visits or because of differences
it's a little bit this well that's a good question
those clothes like for the very first voter
easy but it was managers were wishes of the

Were collected in person voting
this is like for the Jewish state
already been established political a small apartment
because it all the more welcome to join as a very perceptive

The budget as of more institute of the vote
yes twenty percent products most people's right to do that
first of

JJ voters
this proposal
plato religious leaders of the ticket punched to be the sort of assistance
I don't want any personal back

The few days and nights the future
the few days
the second base and a moderate for for many families with us

[Thanks Jerome!]


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