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Saturday, March 27, 2010

[Fiction] Censored Now Redirecting to

Jens Berger posted a fictional account of Google stopping its censoring in Germany (despite this fiction, Google Germany’s censoring is real, though). The following is an auto-translation which I fixed in parts:

This morning, the internet search service Google has discontinued its service in Germany and forwards queries on the German Google address into neighboring Holland. This was due to a longstanding dispute with the German authorities to restrict certain search results that violate German laws. In addition to content that, according to the Berlin rulers, is harmful to the youth, the German internet censorship – the “Digital Berlin Wall” – is mainly targeting political content. Thus, the theories of right-wing dissidents and so-called Holocaust deniers in Germany will be prosecuted by law. So far, the search engine giant Google cooperated with the German authorities and excluded German internet users from search results that point to relevant pages. In the neighboring Netherlands, political censorship of such kind does not exist. It remains to be seen how German authorities will react on Google’s declaration of war. Insiders assume that Berlin will put Google on the list of obscene materials harmful to minors, which would exclude the Mountain View software giant from the lucrative German market. With this U-turn, Google wants to return to its former company motto “don’t be evil” and reject all the censorship efforts of national governments.

[Via BildBlog.]


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