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Thursday, December 1, 2005

RSS of All Google Blogs

Danny was asking for a “unified RSS feed" for all official Google Blogs... so here goes. (Again, the order for old posts shown at the moment is random, this will be correct for all new Google posts from now on.)

No Xmas for Sony

This made me laugh... [Via Boing Boing.]

Amazon Product Wiki

Some people have been noticing an experimental Amazon feature in which visitors can edit product information, Wiki-style. Apparently the “ProductWiki” box doesn’t show for everyone – I didn’t spot it. Is this the future of shopping sites? [Thanks Kinderparadies.]

All Official Google Blogs at One Place

There are so many official Google Blogs around it gets hard to track them all. So now, here’s a page with all official Google blogs in one place. The latest posts will be shown on top and – at the moment – the page updates every 30 minutes. (For now the order is random because I simply read in all news to start off with, but future posts will be in correct order.) Note that the only non-official blog shown on the page is by Matt Cutts; though he runs a private blog, his information is still almost always relevant to Google.

On a side-note, posts from the main Yahoo and MSN search blogs will also be included.

Gmail Virus Checking

Gmai’s what’s new page lists “Virus checking” as latest addition. The help page explains:

“Each time you send and receive attachments, Gmail automatically scans them for viruses.

If a virus is found in an attachment you’ve received, our system will attempt to remove it, or clean the file, so you can still access the information it contains. If the virus can’t be removed from the file, you won’t be able to download it.

If a virus is found in an attachment you’re trying to send, you won’t be able to send the message until you remove the attachment.”

[Thanks Dan N.]


Gtalkr, a Flash based web chat for Google Talk, has just been released. This site is not affiliated with Google, so hand over your Gmail password at your own risk (just be alert that with your password they theoretically could read your emails). Because I won’t give the tool my main Gmail password, I tried logging in with a secondary Gmail trial account but it didn’t work (not with several tries) – the username wasn’t accepted. [Thanks Miel.]


Games for the Brain has a new addition courtesy of Thomas Weibel from Switzerland: Mahjongg Solitaire.


GeoNews displays Google News on top of Google Maps. You can switch between different categories, like tech news, or sports news.

Cloud Game

Cloud is a bit of a relaxation 3D/ simulation game that lets you fly around with your mouse. The Shift key is supposed to be doing something as well but didn’t work for me on a brief try. The download is free (and you do not need to register). The Sydney Morning Herald says this game comes out of the Electronic Arts Game Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California and is targeted at “non-gamers,” trying to evoke a different range of emotions than the usual anger/ aggressiveness. [Via Digg.]

Google Talk Blog

Yet another offical Google blog... for Google Talk. Seriously Google, give us one masterblog to cover all your side-blogs. Blogs and RSS feeds should make it easy for people to keep track of a company, not complicated. [Thanks Michel, DP Neal.]


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