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Google Blogoscoped covered Google and the tech world, more or less daily from 2003 - 2010. Google Blogoscoped has become a true community effort over time through the participation of many, many people in the forum and elsewhere.

The blog and the forum cover new Google product releases, contain tutorials and tips, information on Google censorship methods, and 20% random weirdness (the blog also spawned a book or two). Google is the focus here because the company and its tools have a growing impact on people's life – for better or worse. The Google search engine serves as a pair of eyes in a virtual world, and I think we'd all like a clear view.

Mark Draughn of once called it "One of the most interesting technical sites on the web," and Vittorio Del Percio from Lugano, Switzerland, said it's "... the first source of info I check daily in the morning when I arrive at my desk in the office." Thanks Arne Trautman for legal advice for my sites!


About me: I'm from Germany, lived in China, and do this blog and my other sites & related projects full-time. I like to do a bit of everything, from drawing to programming, writing to trying to play around with music, and I'm always interested in the intersections among those areas.

Here's an overview of sites and apps I started.

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