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James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, July 3, 2007
13 years ago4,287 views


Martin Porcheron [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

I second that. These are great Philipp.

bododo [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

pas de photos s'il vous plait!

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Congrats on the icon Martin, love it!

Zim [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Great! hahaha! I liked so much the #8

Seth Finkelstein [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

"No, but I play one on the Internet"

Arpit jain [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

What do you think ? Am I ?

FR Johnsen [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

"No, but my blog reaches more people than the NY Times..."

Roger Browne [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

11. "Are you a PR droid?"

12. "Would you like me to be a journalist?"

13. "It makes my readers suspicious when you ask that"

14. "No, I'm actually a journalisn't"

15. "Does it make that much difference to your answers?"

16. "Yes I can be, if you give me a good scoop"

Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

17. "Oh no [Susan/ Frank/ Lisa], and I'm sorry, but everytime I'm drunk I miss you SO MUCH ..."

18. "How much will you pay if I SAY I am?"

19. "Can you please repeat that? My wifi broke down..."

20. "No, I'm a Nigerian spammer and I'm beta-testing a new scam on you..."

Adam [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

lame lame lame, maybe if you keep getting this response you should go to school and get a degree

ezinne [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

1.oh!you are such a skilled guesser...did you acquire the skill or its inherent? a you mind?

3.Yeah!!!am the fifth generation.Its genetic you know. biz for clowns

5.try me.just forward your press release

carmen harris [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

HILARIOUS!!! it is shame PR peeps like myself STILL DON'T GET IT!?

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