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Oh the Irony

David Hetfield [PersonRank 10]

Friday, August 17, 2007
17 years ago6,776 views


Philipp Lenssen [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

That ad must have been manually approved by a Google AdWords moderator, right (because "google" triggers a trademark notice and is forbidden to use otherwise)?

Martin Porcheron [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago # do exactly the same.

[put at-character here]Philipp
I'm not so sure, if Microsoft has a special account with Google it may be the company can go add mass-advertisements without detection (another example is that eBay ads, even the non-SERP ones, use trademarks)

Zim [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

The monkey dances for the money.

Mysterius [PersonRank 10]

17 years ago #

I think Martin's explanation is more likely, but the image I get from Philipp's suggestion is definitely more amusing. :D

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