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Erik Høy [PersonRank 1]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
13 years ago2,728 views

Is this another cheater? Utopigle! What do you give? According to the info on this site, it's for charity, but apart of that, it rather looks like a machine to get 'easy money'. I won't do a link. But check it out at the com adress...

Peter Sutcliffe [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

Well no doubt its a money machine, but as long as its for charity i don’t see a problem. It might be a scammer but im sure google will kill it fast if it is. One thing is for sure if it’s a scam it will be closed fast, because the charity orgs listed in the voting box will not get money from a scammer an then it will be game over. It says it will reset every month so we will se after new year if its still alive [PersonRank 0]

12 years ago #

[Moved from "Utopigle search for a better world" – Tony]

Use Utopigle as your start page, and search for a better world...
You will automatically donate money to charity. It will cost you NOTHING

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

[Moved from "Utopigle search for a better world" – Tony]

Nice idea, and since it's still google, i can use it....

maya Coetzee [PersonRank 0]

12 years ago #

I think its a great idea. and i feel sorry for people like Erik hoy that cant handle new things and get all scared. its been running since october 2007 (well it says) and it has supporting partners from charity orgs, so i cant see what the problem is!!! I think its good that someone is doing something, instead of just bitching (erik)

DPic [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

anybody remember ?

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