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Video Interview with Yahoo & Amazon Founders [PersonRank 10]

Friday, December 28, 2007
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Charlie Rose Archived Interviews with The Pioneers of Silicon Valley including:

A conversation with Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page about creating the world's most successful search engine.
A discussion about Google
Show Date: 07/26/2001
Sergey Brin
Larry Page

An interview with Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, about his company, Pixar, which creates animated characters and movies with computer software, and John Lasseter, the director of the Pixar film, "Toy Story", which follows toys that come to life.
A discussion with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter
Show Date: 10/30/1996
John Lasseter
Steve Jobs

A conversation with Jerry Yang, the co-founder, director, and Chief Yahoo of Yahoo!, Inc. about the 10th anniversary of the multi-billion dollar company which is the world's most popular internet destination.
A conversation with Yahoo! founder Jerry Yang
Show Date: 03/01/2005
Jerry Yang

A conversation with the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steven Chen, about the meteoric rise of the site and their plans for the future.
A conversation with the founders of YouTube
Show Date: 08/11/2006
Steven Chen
Chad Hurley

A conversation with Jeff Bezos, chairman and CEO of, about the future of e-commerce and retailing. He discusses Amazon's goal of being a resource through which consumers can find anything they desire online.
A conversation with CEO Jeff Bezos
Show Date: 06/27/2001
Jeff Bezos
An hour conversation with Gordon Moore, co-founder of the Intel Corporation. He discusses the formation of his company, being a pioneer in Silicon Valley, and the creation of Moore's Law. A devoted philanthropist, Moore discusses his views on conservation, family, and fishing.
An hour with Intel co-founder Gordon Moore
Show Date: 11/14/2005
Gordon Moore

A rebroadcast of conversations with the chairman of Intel, Andy Grove, about the role of technological innovation in the war in Iraq, the shift away from the study of science and engineering in higher education and the future of his corporation (from June 2, June 4, June 5, and June 6, 2003).
A rebroadcast of excerpts from a series of interviews with Intel's Andrew S. Grove
Show Date: 07/09/2003
Andrew Grove

Charlie moderates a seminar at the "Fortune" magazine Global Forum with Michael Dell, the chairman of Dell Computers, and Thomas Middelhoff, the chairman of Bertelsmann.
A discussion with Michael Dell & Thomas Middelhoff about technology
Show Date: 06/15/2000
Michael Dell
Thomas Middelhoff

A conversation with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about the growth of the company he created with Steve Jobs, the dominance of the iPod and the technological revolutions ahead. Wozniak also discusses his new memoir "iWoz".
A conversation with co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak
Show Date: 01/29/2007
Steve Wozniak

A conversation about Wikipedia, web technology, and the future of search with Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia.
A conversation about Wikipedia with the co-founder [PersonRank 10]

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2001 Interview with Both Larry & Sergey – Look at how they have changes

Start the time at 38:00 – Google was not important enough then to get the entire hour

But it is fascinating to hear the Both Excite and Infoseek turned down their offer to sell

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