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Can Google Webmaster Tools - help Detect Click Fraud? [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, December 29, 2007
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The Webmaster stats tool can give some indication of what percentage of visitors a sites loses for each position it is away from position #1.

It compares the amount of times a site came up for a search versus the amount of times it was clicked.

Also for very competitive terms, it can give some indication of how may searches are being done by competitors to check out the SERPs.

But has anyone ever used in in comparison with their Adwords accounts to compare how much organic traffic is actually going to the top sponsor links and to the Adwords – versus the amount of people who actually search?

This not only is an effective way to access how much potential customers are lost to Adwords but may give some insight into click fraud.

This works best for those with search terms near the top of the organics on page one and are using those same terms as Adwords.

The top organics get many more hits than Adwords, so it would appear that more clicks on the Adwords would be fraud or curious competitors with no intention of buying.

This works even better if you have client side stats with cookies that show the pageviews and return visits during a session, the time spend on the page, the OUTCLICKS and the IP addresses of the clicks.

All this info combined, could be presented to Google to defend your concerns about fraudulent or curious clicks.

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Top search queries
The top 20 queries in which your site appeared, and the percentage of the top20 queries represented by each search.

Top clicked queries
The top 20 from which users reached your site, and the percentage of the top 20 queries represented by each click.

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