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Google Searches not always right

tiffany [PersonRank 0]

Friday, January 11, 2008
16 years ago3,620 views

Google searches and most searched words when you look them up are not always right. Now people do dashes inbetween urls. Like if you got one like the site I found then look it up on google to see if it is searched with Google Adwords it does not work.
   It shows that is a heavy searched word only because the search does not count the dashes. This means that it looks like instead of c-o-m same with
   The google search also does not seem to really tell most looked up words as they are. i think that anyone that depends on that is not going to get a good traffic page.
   I was also confused when i put in goegle by accident then verizon took me to a page of searches. I found and which neither is Google. I think even searching is weird on it.
   Hey I think Goegle would be a great site name for accidental hits like I did though. Am I right?

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