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Chinese Blogger Beaten To Death By Government Officials  (View post)

James Xuan [PersonRank 10]

Sunday, January 13, 2008
16 years ago4,810 views

<<A Chinese blogger has been beaten to death by Government authorities for the crime of attempting to record a protest on his mobile phone.

When Wei was present at some sort of confrontation or protest by local villages against municipal authorities when more than 50 municipal inspectors turned on him, attacking him for five minutes.>>


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Zim [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Ouch. Difficult situation for those living in China! What can you do in that situation? Is hard to beat a whole government. But they will fall, citzens will rebel against them and win.

Hong Xiaowan [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Hero dead fast. To be safe, use the telescope, use the fake name, ..., maybe use the same evil way. Living like fox.

Why blame Google, Philipp, so many cases like these, According to Google Spam Policy...Google will treat these informations as copied content...

Ken Wong [PersonRank 5]

16 years ago #

The best way to stay safe in China is "dumb".

weilancai [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

The Chinese name is 魏文华, I’m completely sure.

Satan [PersonRank 6]

16 years ago #

魏文华 must have been a good guy; I haven't seen him down here in hell yet.

Philbo [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

This sounds like a safe place to send our Olympic Athletes... ouch!

Veky [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

[put at-character here]Zim:

May I ask which country are you from?

Ken [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

Yeah, if this was the US he would have just been tasered.

Or if he was African American, like Amadou Diallo he would have just been shot 41 times.

Gotta love the good US of A!

MJ Rich [PersonRank 6]

16 years ago #

This whole situation is ridiculous.

Michaelangelo [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

I recently read the story about the Chinese blogger that was killed in China. I lived in China this summer and our group had our lives filmed every day. We ran into some trouble with filming freely, but ultimately were allowed to film freely.

We posted all of our videos on .

Stories like this lead many people to think that all Chinese interactions are irrational and brutal. Our group loved China and the extremely generous people we met, please take time to see the other side of China that isn't published in stories.

jota [PersonRank 0]

16 years ago #

I bet all these people complaining about china and google, will still give them both money by watching the olympic games or even going to china and using google.

Roger Browne [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Michaelangelo wrote:
> We ran into some trouble with filming freely, but ultimately
> were allowed to film freely.

If being allowed to film depended on approval of the authorities, then you were not able to "film freely".

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