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Centralization and collaboration

Jérôme Flipo [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, January 26, 2008
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What would you think if Google centralize all their collaborative apps in a single place? I've always wonder why My Maps, since they can be edited collaboratively, are displayed in such an ugly and inaccessible tab, hidden behind the search one. Not a great way to encourage collaboration and organize the world of information.

Google Docs, despite a non – yet – optimized browser, should centralize all those applications. At least temporary. The cloud is amazing for collaboration and web-based features (see the GoogleLookUp function in Google Spreadsheet). Google should take advantage of it by bringing all of them in a single place. It's obvious for my maps, but what for all the others?

- Youtube: Google must provide a video editor à la "remixer" – see: – to compete with the Wikipedia-Kaltura plans.

- Gmail: yes, they could provide a new solution to edit and send an email collaboratively! I'm sure it's possible and it's probably the ultimate move to make Gmail a better communication tool compared to the social network.

- A paint.exe-like: the shapes in Google Presentation are so basic! I want a collaborative image editor that would enable "embedding" in all other Google Apps. Embedding images in Google Docs/Presentation/Knol rather than extracting them so that they would be dynamic – continually updated, improved.

- Calendar: why not include all shared calendars in the Google Suite, so that we can drag-n-drop a calendar on a contact to invite him? Before that, Google must enable this drag-n-drop option for allexisting apps (the share button is so old-style!).

- Finance portfolio: it would be a little revolution. I've no idea how a trader can benefit from collaboration in the stock market, but I'm sure some Googlers have few ideas (remember Googlers play market prediction at lunch – see: At least, I want to benchmark my portfolios with my friends.

- Knol: so obvious. We should be able to edit a knol in Google Docs and publish it with a single click on the "knol it" button in the "publish" tab. This action should automatically include the editors credits in a knol box, showing the % of work made by each collaborator.

- Notebook: no arguments needed.

- Picasa Web: exactly the same reasons that for the image editor. But make it a real web-based Photoshop. And as for knol, add credits based on a Google Collaboration algorithm (I should patent that!).

- Health: a little too soon...

- A music/playlist editor: why not? Just associate Google and Last FM!

- A database editor: just to compete seriously with

- Google Mashup: so necessary since the gadget/widget can become a big source of cash for Google. And Google already have Google Mashup (in beta private, here: A matter of time, I hope.

- Adwords: we already can collaborate on a campaign. But I doubt it's appropriate to mix work projects and business solutions.

- A money tracker: already done! Google is buying Buxter. Oh, perhaps I dream :)

- the rest of the world...

All of them should also provide APIs and easy embeddable options: think about how knol APIs can improve the organization of the information world.

And Google MUST bring the Gmail contact list in Google Docs! Quick! What are they waiting for? What do you mean by "Google Sites in on the way"?

Google must lead the information revolution with more initiatives. We all access the Internet either via a search engine or via a personal suite. And to merge those two ways, why not make a tab for the Google Suite on iGoogle? This new Google Suite is nothing less than the current Google Docs with more icons and few lines of codes ;-)

Google should not always wait for "market validation" : they already know the cloud is the future. I don't care where and how to display the apps (JotSpot? iGoogle? Google Docs? Other?) but, please, add "collaboration" and "quick transition" to the search-ads-apps trinity. That do no evil and contribute to the Google's mission statement.

Is it unrealistic? Out of date? Anti Google philosophy?

beussery [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

All good points Jerome but, I guess you have to make "all the apps" and make them work before you can bundle them as one! :)

Jérôme Flipo [PersonRank 10]

16 years ago #

Sure, but if they don't program/design them with the idea of bundlinig them, they just explode their future workload! That's obvious for Google My Maps: they have to redesign the service completely, while it would have been so easy to think about a smarter integration whith other product. My 2 cents.

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