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Google’s solar LCD Monitor

Hong Xiaowan [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
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Google’s solar LCD Monitor ...

According to Intel’s Pat Gelsinger, cause more and more people use LCD Monitor, Black Google can not lead to LCD power-saving(While CRT can, but CRT being out), so, Google and Intel developed a kind of solar LCD Monitor.

The brightness of the sun reached 100,000 lumens/m2, so, can become a good alternative light source. In addition to energy saving, also maximize the work time of laptop. ...

The best, the monitors should be installed on the windows, the windows have high brightness; ...

Do you please with your solar LCD? The sunlight on the back directly. ...

Of course, bad weather, only the sun is not enough. Therefore, we need a Sunlight Pad to regulate sunlight color and brightness. When the night, the lamps inside the Sunlight Pad will be lit. ...

This solar LCD has been in production by Zuosa INC at Suzhou , begin to sell at May 1, 2008. Regrettably, it is not Google-branded, it is Zuosa brands, we demanded that Google put its brand to this LCD strongly.

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