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Simplifying Google Docs HTML

Artem [PersonRank 4]

Sunday, May 25, 2008
12 years ago2,294 views

Hi All

Does anybody know how to simplify the HTML generated by Google docs? It is a good tool for writing blog entries drafts and I love the ability of working from wherever I want (laptop, work PC, home PC, internet cafe), but the HTML generated is awfully complex with all these IDs and font-sizes.

I want to find something usable on the web and able to generate HTML similar to what you can get from ScribeFire ( or Windows Live Writer, i.e. just simple b, i and strong tags most of the time.

Do you know the tool(s) that could help me? And what do you do yourself, when you want to work on your blogs from the different locations?

Ianf [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

Wouldn't the editors built into the various blogging clients be just what you're asking for? After all they produce (presumably valid) code dovetailed to their respective platform, and, if using an outside html editor, you'd still have to submit it somehow. Also, if your code-enhancing ambitions do not stretch beyond occassional BOLD and ITALIC, what's wrong with memorizing their simple codes, and inserting them by hand?

Those ID# are there for a reason, not some attempt to make the resulting code needlessly complex.

Still, if you insist on using two tools where one would suffice, take your pick from e.g. ...

Artem [PersonRank 4]

12 years ago #

I would love use just one tool. I just don't see the one that does both things that I want:
- reasonably simple HTML
- online/offline editing of the same entry from many computers

Google Docs with Google Gears are great for multiple computers and it works both online and offline, but its HTML is too complicated. Traditional blog editors such as Microsoft Live Writer are also good and generate good HTML, but I cannot work on a same post from multiple PCs.

Ianf [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

I'm pretty sure there is no HTML-editor, esp. online/offline one, with such artificially-curtailed coding functionality as you seem to request. The whole point (and a half) of SGML-type editors is to allow WYSIWYG-richtext editing without ever needing to see the underlying code, whether simple or complex. You keep saying Google Docs w/Gears is much too complicated for your liking, but is there something there that forces you to use (=press the icons) other functions, than just the bare subset you are comfortable with?

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