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[Jim Cobb] [PersonRank 0]

Monday, June 30, 2008
12 years ago2,967 views

I cannot wait until this tool is available

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xujie [PersonRank 5]

12 years ago #


it's already available........

dong [PersonRank 0]

12 years ago #

in some provinces,the students start to choose universities after they know their scores,however the requirement of each institution will be clear only when they know how many students are applying and what their scores

xujie [PersonRank 5]

12 years ago #

I remember when I take Gaokao,I choose universities after I know my scores.

There's too many universities,I can't decide which one to go,so I select one by random...

Hong Xiaowan [PersonRank 10]

12 years ago #

[put at-character here]xujie
yes, if there was a tool at our university age, we can select a better one.

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