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Google Developer Day 2008 Madrid

Pau Tomàs [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, September 27, 2008
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This wednesday I attended to the GDD in Madrid. While they didn't announced anything new, they where demoing the Google Android mobile and some keynotes (Chrome, Gears, AppEngine, GWT and GData APIs) and labs (AppEngine, OpenSocial and Maps API).

The keynotes where interesting, not only promoting the products but explaining some technical details on how the tools works internally. I specially liked the Chrome and the OpenSocial one. The first about the V8 engine and the second about how to make a successful social gadget.

The labs were a little disappointing (or that was the general impression). The Google engineer only gives a brief explanation of the API and then you start programming on some samples. You can always ask the engineers on the room and they're really helpful, but i think that more guidance would be good for the next time.

Also the winners of the labs contests (developing an application/gadget with the lab API) received a copy of the Google Chrome comic book.

They also used the new Google Moderator to prepare the final Q&A session with Chris DiBona (Google's Open Source Programs Manager). You can check the questions on ... if you're interested on some of the answers I can try to remember them. BTW, there was no answer on anything related with Google Chrome or AppEngine future languages :(

Some photos of the event by some of the attendants (and me :) ...

PD: We got free food, free drinks and some merchandising (a kind-of-lego USB Stick, a notebook, some pens and a shirt) :)

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