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UK Proposed per Click Tax

George R [PersonRank 10]

Monday, May 4, 2009
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Paul Revoir is reporting at "Mail Online" ( that the UK may impose a special tax on online advertising.

He says:

"Ministers are considering taxing search engines, download websites and broadband providers to fund public service TV and the roll-out of broadband."

"They believe millions of pounds could be made from a 'per click' tax on companies like Google. It is thought, however, that the money, supposedly earmarked for broadband services, would also go to boost public service broadcasters."

"Another, less favoured, option being discussed would see a tax levied on broadband providers, according to the level of megabytes used by their customers."

"Alternatively, a charge could be issued for downloading files from the likes of iTunes, but insiders say it is not politically 'tenable', since it would mean a direct hit on consumers pockets. "

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