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Google CEO on personalized news

BizAbh [PersonRank 10]

Friday, October 30, 2009
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Geeking with Greg Blog writes:

"Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been talking quite a bit about personalization in online news recently. First, Eric said:
We and the industry ... [should] personalize the news.

At its best, the on-line version of a newspaper should learn from the information I'm giving it – what I've read, who I am and what I like – to automatically send me stories and photos that will interest me.
Then, Eric described how newspapers could make money using personalized advertising:
Imagine a magazine online that knew everything about you, knew what you had read, allowed you to go deep into a subject and also showed you things... that are serendipit[ous] ... popular ... highly targetable ... [and] highly advertisable. Ultimately, money will be made."


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