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Rohit Srivastwa [PersonRank 10]

Monday, May 3, 2010
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Just got this mail in my account
Sub – Know Why Google Has Signed Up For Twitter?
YES! This is no spam account and Google has very much officially signed up to Twitter – I guess Google will use account to post the announcements similar to the Google Official Blog and may be relatively more frequent and quicker than their blog. Matt Cutts of Google himself confirmed that this Google Twitter is real Googler.

The first post was bit confusing and in fact was a binary message.

Later I was able to know that it is – I'm Feeling Lucky.

It more or less signifies that Google agrees Twitter as a form of mass communication in the same way that Google was interested in Blogger. Prior to the launch of Google Official Blog, Google relied on Google Groups and various webmaster forums to communicate with its users, webmasters, publishers and other target audiences for regular updates and issues. And now, Google has a blog for everything. The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, Official GMail Blog, Google LatLong, Google Analytics Blog, Official Google Enterprise Blog, Offcial Google Mobile Blog and may be more. May be later, they will have Twitter accounts for everything for instant communication and updates.

Here are few Googlers who are already on Twitter – Matt Cutts, John Mueller, Adam Lasnik, Brian White, YouTube, Sarah, Adwords Helper.

Other pertinent Twitters you will love to follow are – Rand Fishkin, Barry Schwartz, Danny Sullivan, Greg Sterling, Matt Mcgee, Vanessa Fox, Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Let me know the missed ones...

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