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European Google Store Issues

Ionut Alex. Chitu [PersonRank 10]

Saturday, June 19, 2010
14 years ago9,663 views

I tried to buy products from, but my payments have been rejected.

"WorldPay, our payment processor, flagged your payment and it had to be refunded as part of company policy. The reason for it being flagged could be:
- Some of the card/personal details entered does not match the information held by your Card Issuer ­
- You do not have enough cleared funds on your card to cover the amount of the purchase ­
- Your Card Issuer referred the transaction for an authorisation code or further identity checks ­
- Your card has been reported as lost/stolen and been cancelled by your Card Issuer ­
- Your card has or is due to expire and has been replaced by your Card Issuer ­
- Your card has recently been replaced by your Card Issuer but not yet activated ­
- Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet) ­
- There may be a problem with your Card Issuer's authorisation system Please understand that as an online store we are regular targets of fraudsters trying to purchase goods with stolen card details. This means that we have to have certain measures in place to try and minimise our losses. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. "

None of the explanations seems to be valid. Maybe Google Store should use a different payment processor (Google Checkout?!).

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