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The Real Life Social Network v2 (by Paul Adams)

Jérôme [PersonRank 10]

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
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Paul is Google's user research lead for social, which incl. Buzz and YouTube. He posted this 216-pages research on July, 1rst: ...

Here are Skepticgeek's key points from the study ...
<<- A single umbrella group of “Friends” in an online network doesn’t mirror real-life and leads to problems. Support multiple independent groups of friends.
- Focusing on technology is a wrong strategy. Focus should instead be on Motivation and Goals.
- Design needs are different for different relationship types – strong ties, weak ties, and temporary ties. One solution doesn’t fit all.
- Different communication channels are needed for different types of relationships.
- Role of influencers is over-estimated. Also need to focus on network of person being influenced. Influence works most within close ties.
- Network should support multiple facets of identity and also anonymity.
- We think people care less about privacy because they misunderstand complicated privacy settings.
- People underestimate the size of their audience and persistent nature of their conversations online.>>

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