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Google does it again!

James Hunter [PersonRank 0]

Monday, October 11, 2010
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I used Google Checkout, and wanted to refund the “shipping” cost two customers due to the fact Google Checkout did not post the orders.
Google refunded all of the money to the customer which mint I was out the cost of the products as well as the loss of the sale, when I email Google about this they responded with “You Google account has been closed” and would not say why.
There were times when a sale was made through Google, but never a deposit made to my account from them, when I tried to contact them I found there is no way other than email and they do not respond to them.
I had a similar experience with PayPal, they still owe me $249.00 and have for three years now, it is interesting how both of these get away with this considering how much bad publicity you find on the internet about them.
Google is now trying to say I have a “negative” balance that they cannot collect because they cannot get into my account, the “negative” is their fault due to the fact they refunded money that was not to be refunded, and the if the customers do not want to pay me by check I cannot force them which make me out the cost of the items and shipping.
Don’t do business with either of these two unless you can afford to lose money!

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