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Slightly Updated Gmail Logo

mbegin [PersonRank 10]

Thursday, November 11, 2010
13 years ago8,958 views

The Gmail M-velope has been updated slightly...


New: [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Good catch!

Luka [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Gmail WebApp in Chrome also has the same icon.

Moses [PersonRank 0]

13 years ago #

really slight... 0_o

mbegin [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Update from the Official Gmail Blog:

<< If you visited the Gmail log-in page recently, you may have noticed that things looked a wee bit different. We decided to give this page a bit of a facelift and updated a few of Gmail’s other pages while we were at it. Our goal was to keep a familiar look while freshening up the graphics and trimming down the text (we cut out over 250 words in the process)...

We also updated the Gmail logo, brightening the colors and making it more in line with the latest Google logo... >>

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