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PierreS [PersonRank 10]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
13 years ago8,154 views
Google has updated the Cloudprint page for the imminent launch. [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Nice catch! trying it out now

mbegin [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Service Name: New Service / Google Cloud Print:

Code Name: cloudprint





mbegin [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Manage Printers:

Add Printers:

Mrrix32 [PersonRank 10]

13 years ago #

Good idea, but there are 4 people in my house, all with their own Google Accounts (Plus one for my Media Centre). We have two printers. At the moment Google only lets you print to your own printers, so three of the Google accounts are unable to print. (Technically 4, as one of the printers is connected to a Linux box, and this is Windows only ATM)

We need printer sharing, Google!

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