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MSFT Office Web app in Chrome Webstore

Henry [PersonRank 0]

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
13 years ago6,670 views

There's an app called Office Web Apps that appears on the homepage of the Chrome Webstore in the top spot for "Popular".

It says it's from (which is owned by Google), links to as the "Developer Website) and has "©" at the bottom of the description.

There are several typos on the page and the owner isn't verified. So I guess it hasn't been added to the Webstore by Microsoft.

Do you know if this app is actually owned/managed by Microsoft (or Google)?

If not, why hasn't Google removed/corrected this "fake" app for 5 days, featured as the most popular app on the homepage and installed by over (possibly misled) 10K users?

Do you think we should report an abuse? Is this really an issue?

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