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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
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Larry Page is to officially become Google CEO on 2011-4-4.

Riley McDermid at venturebeat has a story about this titled "Larry Page already cracking the whip at Google, a week before he takes the reins".

"They will also not be allowed to work on their laptops during meetings – an ironic stance for a man who once famously refused to look up from his PDA to talk to Barry Diller during the early days of Google, saying he was capable of doing several things at once."

Steve Lacy blogs with some suggestions titled "What Larry Page really needs to do to return Google to its startup roots".

The Wall Street Journal has coverage by Amir Efrati titled "At Google, Page Aims to Clear Red Tape".

"Under Mr. Page, Google is expected to focus on its graphical online-ad initiatives, video site YouTube and its Android mobile device software, people familiar with the matter said. He is also expected to devote resources to several emerging lines of business, including online business software division Google Apps, and to continue to make acquisitions of start-ups."

"Google is also likely to continue long-term bets including driver-less car technology and an effort to scan all the world's books and make them available on the search engine, both of which were pet projects for Mr. Page."


"Some managers believe Mr. Page will eliminate or downgrade projects he doesn't believe are worthwhile, freeing up employees to work on more important initiatives, these people said. One project expected to get less support is Google Health, which lets people store medical records and other health data on Google's servers, said people familiar with the matter."

slashdot coverage:

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