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MobiSocial - creating an open-source mobile-social media future

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Sunday, May 15, 2011
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<<A team of computer scientists, graduate students, technology experts and industry representatives from AVG, Google, Nokia and Sony Ericsson gathered recently to officially kick off the Stanford Mobile and Social Computing Laboratory. Or, for those tweeting at home: MobiSocial.

They have formed MobiSocial to ask the most fundamental questions about this rapidly burgeoning field, questions that seem obvious now that mobile and social media are firmly entrenched, but which weren't so obvious as the technologies were entrenching themselves: Can social be done better? Can it be even more social and more fun? Can it be more open? Can it be more secure? And, if so, how?

In short, MobiSocial is about imagining and creating an open-source mobile-social media future.>> ...

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